About me

My name is Victoria Pekarchuk, I'm a certified Yoga Teacher (RYT 500 Yoga Alliance).
I'm 39 years old and I currently live in Sofia, Bulgaria together with my family.

I have a degree in linguistics and technical translation, and in spite of the fact that anyhow my life has always been connected with the German language for the past 17 years, I didn't deal only with translation for too long. For more than 10 years I worked with an Austrian company in the field of architecture and design, taking up posts of a project manager, key account manager and head of the representative office in Ukraine at times.

When I first got acquainted with yoga in 2008 I attended yoga classes in the studio of Andrei Siderski in Kiev, also took yoga classes for pregnant women from Victoria Rybachuk in 2010.

I have been continuously practicing yoga under the guidance of Oleg Dotsenko, Hatha yoga teacher, regularly taking part in his intense training programs and seminars as well as doing individual programs since 2014.

In 2017 I took a teacher training course in Universal Yoga with Andrei Lappa and received an RYS200 certificate according to the American Yoga Alliance standard. After that I focused all my professional activity on teaching yoga.

In 2019 have been working on two teachers courses by Anna Vesna on Bali as an assistant teacher.

The same year I took a teacher training course in Hatha Yoga according to the American Yoga Alliance standard RYS200 by Balkan Yoga Academy and also took a teacher training course in Universal Yoga with Andrei Lappa and received an RYS300 certificate.

Since 2020 I'm a certified Yoga Teacher (RYT 500 Yoga Alliance)

At the moment I keep gaining experience and knowledge as a yoga teacher, participating in master classes and learning programs for instructors.

My way to yoga and practical experience
I had a chance to deal with yoga from time to time at different points of my life, but seriously started doing it only after I turned 30. I would like to emphasize that I had never done any professional sports or dance before, and in spite of the fact that I was trying to lead a healthy life, go to the gym (not on a daily basis, though), and there even was a period of time being quite into climbing, when I started regularly practicing yoga, my physical, mental and psychoemotional state could be much better. In fact, my main goal was to get healthier and improve personal efficiency while having an endless number of projects, deadlines and flights.

All the positive changes and complex results of my yoga practices regarding my body, mind and psyche were so immediate and bright, that it had a dramatic impact on my attitude in general. It turned into my priority to popularize yoga as a powerful ultimate system for personal developing, learning and functioning healthily in terms of the modern world and lifestyle. Combining practicing yoga and being social at the same time is possible!

Using my personal experience in teaching yoga I can say that I am definitely familiar with all the problems and difficulties connected to switching to an entirely new functioning routine which is undoubtedly healthier and efficient, though transforming all the lifelong habits (whether they are good or not) as well as the old behavior patterns might be pretty tough and even painful. I want to be honest here. I am aware of how to painlessly and smoothly get accustomed to regular practice (not lump physical work out), control your mind, calm down and work with your intention. The most important task of mine is to help other people make them permanently interested in yoga, change their lifestyle and lead a life where yoga is a perfectly natural and essential part of it.

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