Morning exercises

All roads lead to... morning exercises!
Though the idea is not original, however, to my mind and according to my experience, the guarantee of the successful and fruitful day, the same as the excellent prerequisite to a beginning of regular and effective yogi practice, is a suitable complex of morning exercises on a DAILY basis.

Ideal to this end is one of the variants of JOINT-TENDON GYMNASTICS in tradition of Yogic Sukshma Vyayama of Dhirendra Brahmachari. In general, vyayamas, as warming-up exercises, preparing a body to more complex ones, are widely spread in different yogic schools in India, but Sukshma Vyayama in Dhirendra Brahmachari's tradition is one of the most complete and substantial, as well as one of the most famous in the world. As early as in time of the USSR its elements were used in the so called industrial gymnastics. I'd like to point out briefly that Yoga Sukshma Vyayama is not limited by its physical part, its practice includes work with special breath, and certain attention concentration, as well as different purifying techniques, all these instruments are used at more advanced stages of the practice. Such exercises of Sukshma Vyayama may be performed as a separate sustainable practice for one and a half - two hours, allowing full working out of the whole body. More information about techniques of Yogic Sukshma Vyayama of Dhirendra Brahmachari is given in the same-name book.

Right now we'll turn our attention to a MORNING COMPLEX of joint-tendon gymnastics in Yoga Sukshma Vyayama tradition, suitable as for the beginners so for those yogis continuing practice, as well as for a wide circle of people, who want to implement physical activity in their lives. The greatest benefit of the complex is its availability and, at the same time, efficiency for people of different age and physical condition. Working load may be regulated by a number of repetitions and intensity of separate exercises performance. However, notwithstanding the high safety of the complex, it's always necessary to take into account individual peculiarities of health, approach to exercises and sensations on your body consciously and carefully. Certain recommendations as to performance of this complex of exercises are given in a description to the video set for you at my Youtube channel.

Further there are theses for all vivid and not always vivid ADVANTAGES and POSITIVE EFFECTS of this complex of morning exercises.
At physical level:
warming-up and working out of joint-tendon apparatus, removal of blocks in a body and release of energy, concentrated in places of joints and tendons connections, increase of energetic body status;
evocation and activation of functioning of all organism systems due to inclusion of main muscles into work;
activation of blood circulation, increase of blood inflow to peripheral body parts, increase of metabolic processes;
training and strengthening of cardiac muscle, pressure regulation, strengthening of blood vessels walls, training of lung function;
starting of elimination and cleaning organism systems from products of vital functions and toxins due to activation of lymph flow;
improvement of brain blood circulation, increase of cognitive abilities, such as memory, attention and concentration;
At mental and psycho-emotional level:
creation and reinforcement of positive models and behavior patterns, leading to health improvement and life quality;
training of persistence quality and intention strength, self-discipline. That is it, do not forget that such qualities as will power are trained the same as body muscles. The main point in this, the same as with physical activity, graduality and regularity.
creation of success situation and positively completed task at the beginning of a new day. From one side, it may be a great start and accelerator of further planned tasks, but it also may be a positive anchor, allowing not to "write off" your day as "unlucky".
increase of psychical energy level, acquisition of energy fullness and stability qualities. The longer you do morning exercises, the more energy you'll have in all aspects of life, including change of unhealthy habits, if there are. Just allow time for yourself.
basis and acquisitions of practical experience for further individual yoga practicing, without a group of associates and instructor. It is my invincible belief that personal yogi practice begins with a capability to spread a mat at home, without influence of such external factors as paid subscription, arrangement with an instructor or challenge participation. Though at a certain stage benefits of such external facilitating factors are obvious, of course.
Positive effects of psychological order due to daily morning exercises are especially valuable for people just beginning yoga practicing, as well as for those who, basically, just starting regular physical trainings, as this allows to adapt smoothly and gradually not only body under load, but increases a store of psychic energy, giving persistence in the intention to follow the goals set.

Wish you all every morning be good and vigorous! Be stable and persistent in your practicing!

Victoria Pekarchuk
Article author

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